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The long double Necklace is made of a natural seed called Tagua and cotton strands. This necklace can be used as a single long piece or double

Slide clasp is adjustable:
Longest: 52 inches diameter
Shortest: up to you

Tagua is a wild fruit that grows in tropical forests in Colombia under the canopy of other trees that provide it with shade. It is almost impossible to reproduce the conditions and type of soil in which it is able to grow, therefore, all tagua is harvested from wild sources. Due to its plant-based origin and its physical similarity to ivory, Tagua is a sustainable substitute for items traditionally made from the tusks and teeth of elephants and whales. This seed is collected from the soil, has a dye process, and after two weeks of drying it is ready for drilling and assembling the jewels.

-Because this product is made from Natural and unique seeds it may present some texture and shape variations.

Tagua Long Double Necklace

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