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Our Story

The main mission of LA JOYA is to empower women in Colombia who have been the victims of social problems such as prostitution and forced displacement.

Through developing jewelry made from natural seeds, in sustainable ways, we are preserving the environment and contributing to the social development of communities.

By developing these skills women in  vulnerable rural communities are able to develop both an alternate income source for their families, and a deeper appreciation and understanding of the natural resources and ecosystems which surround them.


" I want to help Colombian women with entrepreneurial visions that can transmit values to their children and generate changes in the next generations.

I have focused my job as a fashion designer at a social level, because of the needs that exist in different rural areas of Colombia. "

Sully Gomez - Founder La Joya Tagua

Our Materials

Due to its plant-based origin and its physical similarity to ivory, Tagua is a sustainable substitute for items traditionally made from the tusks and teeth of elephants and whales.


Tagua is a wild fruit, which grows in tropical forests in Colombia under the canopy of other trees, which provide it with shade. It is almost impossible to reproduce the conditions and type of soil in which is able to grow, therefore, all Tagua is harvested from wild sources.

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